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best blog sites

When you’re looking do discover the best blog sites on the internet, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration.

For instance, what are you looking to accomplish with your blog?

If all you want to do, is share quick stuff like pics, vids and journal type articles with those in your close circle of friends and family, you might consider sites like twitter, facebook and to be among the best blog sites online.

However, if you’re looking to generate money with your blog, these sites might not be the best solution.

BIG FAT reason #1 – You don’t have control over what happens to your blog when someone else owns the domain and the ability to shut if off whenever they want.

This actually happens all the time.

So, if you’re basing your livelihood on you blogging income, you don’t want to gamble with your future with a Free blogging platform.

Next option is to actually buy a domain with some hosting and install wordpress on your own hosted site.

This way, you have full control over what happens on your site.

Downside here is, it’s pretty technical.

Empower is coming out with a killer blogging platform that will be the cream of the crop in the blogging world.

It’s expected to launch in later this year.

When it does, watch out because all the best blog sites now could be out of business with what’s coming.

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