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Social Networking

Network Social

It is important for you to get your company and branding on social networking service platforms to build your social networks or social relations among people who are potential patron customers and share the same interests of others that need your products or help-services.

Networking web-based platforms allow individual company owners to create a public profile on the service where you can join with a list of users with whom to share connections.

These internet community services allow users to share, interests, activities, ideas, pictures, posts, events, with people in their network.

Networking at its best are done on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc....

YouTube reaches more people ages 18–34 in America than any cable network.
About 60% of Amreicans use Social Networking to connect with others.
98 % of Americans 18-24 year olds use social media sites.
93% of marketers say they use social media for their business.
The number of Facebook users worldwide is at 1.4 Billion, and climbing.

It is essential that your company take advantage of the growing networking opportunities that are available through review sites to compete with the 93% of marketers for companies already doing it. The experst at webyellowpages.com can help you build your social presence to increase your leads to make more sales.

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Reputation Marketing for Local Business Sales:

Market Your Reputation

Reputation marketing merges reputation management and brand marketing to market positive feedback given to a company. Obtaining, networking and marketing social positive reviews and ratings about the company is what gives a business the edge over the competition in the digital world today.

Research Shows that:
72% of Consumers Trust Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations.

Economists at the University of California, Berkeley examining Yelp's web ratings found that even a slight half-star rating improvement can increase a restaurant's business by up to 19 %.

80 % of People change their minds about buying something recommended because of negative information they find online about the product or service.

Up to 89% of buyers research a product or service online before making a moderate to high cost purchase.

92% of people have more confidence in information found online than from a salesclerk or other sources.

In our socially connected internet world a company's brand reputation is constantly developing on the web in real-time for the good or bad by buyers and users of the business' goods and labor services when people leave online reviews and ratings registering, citing and networking their experiences on social media and review websites.

Having a good and avoiding a bad reputation is of massive social importance online according to the stats above if you want to effectively compete for the business of the digitally consumer empowered with easy access to information and reviews about your company, good or bad. It is critical to market your good reviews because that is what networking people are looking for today in order to do business with a company like yours.

Brand - Internet Branding that is:

Network Social

Internet branding, called Online branding is the Brand technique that uses the websites as a medium for promoting a brand in the digital marketplace. Your website, mobile marketing, social media connections, blogs, press release distribution online, video and Youtube marketing, review sites and repuation marketing are all methods used for online branding and networking purposes.

Online branding is main stream guerrilla marketing type of technigue to have get your company's name out their in many different intermet sites and groups so that consumers continually recognize a the brand.

Further, it is important to focus on integrating web branding with the customer's social networking experience in relation to your company, goods and offerings.

Website creation and development is key to internet branding and networking. Your website is used to present goods and contract offers (products and services) of your brand. Your Website's appearance, design and message should provide good visitor to buyer conversion experience to consumers for your online brand.

However, websites are only one aspect of website branding to get your name out. The experts here at WYP can help your with your website and many other areas of online branding and networking to get you more lead for increased sales.

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Online Reviews  - Why Review Sites?

Reviews - Fans

Because potential buyers have very easy access to social networking ratings and comments on your company online positive feedback on review sites become important to compete in the marketplace today. Review websites are social places on the web where reviews are posted about businesses like yours.

Research Show that:
Buyers Check about 7 to 10 Reviews Before Making a Purchase.
70 % of People feel they can Trust a Business When they See 6 to 10 Reviews.

Consumers traffic to the top 10 review sites has grown up to 158% in a year.

Studies by independent research groups like Word of Mouth Marketing Association, Forrester Research, The Kelsey Group, and comScore reveal that social ratings and reviews influence peoples buying habits. In 2007 large companies such as Walmart and Best Buy started to mention their online reviews in TV advertisements and on the back of their receipts,

Research done in 2008 demonstrated the number of online reviews a company has gives a good indication of the intensity ad word-of-mouth effect and increased awareness.

Get the expert help you need to keep on top of your networking reviews and market the good ones and fix the bad ones.

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