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This phone … is the latest product from Samsung, Samsung Godiva also Also known as Samsung SCH-I425 one of those New Verizon Phones Coming Out in 2014 and actually this phone is remain not officially announced. These are its specifications based leaked and rumoIt seems that the Verizon community will come extraordinarily this year, new Verizon phones coming out in 2014 will be well covered and the most important new Verizon phones in 2014 are Motorola Moto G and Samsung Godiva also Nokia Lumia 929. However, There are lot of question about these New Verizon phones coming out these days which are posed by readers and Smartphones lovers also Verizon followers and geeks, these questions are related to specifications and prices of these new Verizon phones coming out and the most one is “When are these new phones will be available in Verizon ?”.red specs, let us see what will This new
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